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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can! In order to do that we drill a new holes in the door and the door frame, and make all the necessary fittings. We are also aligning the bolt with the door frame. This process is usually called a fresh installation.

We do that as well! Our technician come out to your home or business in order to match a lock that will fit your mail box.

Yes, definitely! It is highly recommended to re-key all the locks when moving into a new home. You never know who and how many people may have the keys to your new home.

Yes, of course! We provide 24/7 fast and reliable locksmith services. In the event of emergency situation such as getting locked out of your car, home or even change or re-key locks on a quick notice, we will rush a professional technician to help.

We accept all form of payments such as credit card, cash and checks.

Your cost is covered if you have a roadside assistance included in your policy.

The answer is yes! Ask yourself if you know when was the last time locks have been changed or re-key on your doors?  If you don’t know the answer, than you and your property are at potential risk. For this reason you should replace or re-key your locks.

Yes! In most cases we can pick almost any lock with a proper training and professional tools.

Re-keying means adjusting the tumblers in an existing lock so that only the programed new keys can open it.

Master Key enables two different and distinct keys to open the same lock.

In most cases all you need is to spray the lock with oil lubricant such as WD-40 in order to make it smooth.  Spray the oil gently into the keyhole and onto the bolt/latch mechanism.

Yes, all your locks should be working on the same key. This is more comfortable and also prevents a case of a house lock out by misplacing keys.

Yes, high security locks will keep your property and your assets secured, not to mention your family or your staff safe. It is recommended to install high security locks.

To begin troubleshooting your lock operation, check to see if the lock operates smoothly with the door open. If it does, the problem is not with your lock, but with the alignment of the door and door frame.

You can also check the door and frame for twists and warps. You should see the door completely rest against the door stop and stay there. If you have a weather strip on the door, it could be obstructing the path of the door. Keep in mind, wooden doors and frames will warp and swell with temperature and humidity, and metal doors and frames will twist and rust with age.

It is highly recommend to change your house or business locks whenever the locks start to have issues and problems. A locksmith can install new locks properly.

You can’t. Lock picking tools are illegal to sell or possess in most states. As a matter of fact, only a licensed locksmith is allowed to carry lock picking tools.

Because it is important you make sure you get it right. For this reason, a locksmith bring experience and  knowledge in locks, keys and security problems.